Tick Tock

Time is eternity on a leash At least That's how I see it From an eternal view There are a few Shades, no hues Even clues Of who we be Outside of eternity Let's see. . . Time unleashed The End dorothy’s page © 2020 D. E. Young


There’s nothing like time Like here or in space Time happens to all No matter the race Time comes and time goes Time past and future tense Who can say to Time Get thee hence It moves fast It moves slow Why is it taking so long Where did the time go It’s a place … Continue reading Time

Settling In

Just like buildings Our bodies settle As we get older We also get better Equipped to withstand Storms and hardships We grow wiser and brighter Becoming easier to deal with The tragedies of life Its many altering events One day we'll look back Wondering where the time went My how time flies Take it all … Continue reading Settling In

Rhyme Time

So, I'm not ready to go deep today. Cause I don't know what I should Write about today What do I have to offer What more can I say To offer solutions Maybe answers or a smile Something that brings comfort A little joy for a while Maybe just this thought Will be enough to … Continue reading Rhyme Time