A Solstice to remember

The first day of Summer Longest day of the year Season changing And hearts drawing near And dear to one another Under cover Of Summer's smoldering heat How neat To repeat My favorite time of the year dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young


Ahhh that fan feels good What a hot day it's been Crack the door a little Let some fresh air in Image courtesy of Pexels.com Be glad when the breeze Starts flowin' to knock off the heat Let me take off my shoes To get some breathing for my feet Ooooh this lemonade sho' taste … Continue reading Summertime


A grape in the morning A raisin in the afternoon The warm days of summer Are creeping up soon We'll bathe in the sun Take in some vitamin D SPF used in the noon day Toes drifting onto the sea Along the seashore Playing footsie's in the sand Strolling into the sunset Walking hand in … Continue reading Seashores

Ruby Slippers

Home sweet home. Words I have yet to utter in this life. I've always wanted to take a deep breath, sigh then say these words, wholly and fully on every level I could possibly apply them. How can I long to be somewhere I've never been before?! Homesick without a home? How can that be?! … Continue reading Ruby Slippers