The giant slayer

I was born to slay Every giant that I face To challenge every fear Make courage my way And righteousness My shield Defeat works of the enemy When evil he often welds My way and Towards others too I was born to intercede For both me and you 🌾 Thank you for reading and following … Continue reading The giant slayer

Spiritually praying

This is how I fight This is how I breakthrough I pray in the spirit I see what God can do For I am weak In my own intellect I can only see so far I can only collect Facts and figures Make it make sense but so far But you God can see far … Continue reading Spiritually praying

Happy meals

If happy while you're cooking They'll feel the happy as they eat The mood in which you prepare Gives the eater extra treats For while you prepare Your spirit does too So don't cook when you're angry Or the meal prove That your heart wasn't willing You had ill intent The food will taste bland … Continue reading Happy meals

The End

;the conclusion of the matter I had to have this conversation with my piece of mind to bring peace to my mind. I don't want to run things in my life. I've made a mess of this as it is. I'm turning things over to God. He's way better at it. Life, I mean. So, … Continue reading The End

My Source; All eyes on God

Here's another poem I wrote back on July 11th. That day is significant because it's the birthday of my first niece. She's no longer with us. I probably had her on my mind that day. Just wondering where she would be if she was still with us. She loved God with all of her heart. … Continue reading My Source; All eyes on God