Spirit to Spirit We often communicate Day after day as we Wait Upon the Lord Anticipating his command Waiting patiently for his word For we need it to stand Therefore For the battle gets rough He's given us this armor To handle such stuff As the wiles of the devil His plans and his onslaughts … Continue reading Jump

When willers wield

I call it witchcraft When the willers wield Cause they're trying with all might To keep me still Paralyzed yet open Hypnotized while broken I've risen above Gaining an arial view Devil I see you coming I'mma get you too When I get through with you Finish thwarting your plans Exposing your theifness And deception … Continue reading When willers wield

The giant slayer

I was born to slay Every giant that I face To challenge every fear Make courage my way And righteousness My shield Defeat works of the enemy When evil he often welds My way and Towards others too I was born to intercede For both me and you 🌾 Thank you for reading and following … Continue reading The giant slayer