Soulishly speaking

At times I surmise That I am a soul with eyes That spy the world around me has found me Absorbing every single entity into me The inner me, They enter me And it appears that over time Seeping into my Identity Creating soul ties That utilize My mind, will and emotions the notion That … Continue reading Soulishly speaking

The journey of the soul

When left to our own devices It's enticing to think twice, it's Hard to contrive the why's of cries that lie still in the night Such a sight, a fright that might Excite The mightiest of knights as they journey The journey of the soul dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Power over souls

Life does not depend on you While I’m here You ain’t the boss of me Let’s make that clear To the hearer To those waiting in the wings Ready to pounce on me Use me for other things Than what the Father intended What He had for me in mind For He has predestined me … Continue reading Power over souls

Well spent

Lend and not borrow All debts bring sorrow Do not fret cause tomorrow's Not promised anyway So live in this today, I should say That we gather in barns To store and disarm Lacks attack, Of our wallets extract Bills and more debt By tomorrow I'll bet You won't see what you bought With this … Continue reading Well spent

Ode to the Queen

Today she's laid to rest With flowers and Respect She reigned supreme on stage Always dressed, always decked Out with her gowns and furs As she graced any stage She brought all to their feet Every time she played The mic to R & B, Jazz Gospel or classical tunes Her voice reaching octaves That … Continue reading Ode to the Queen