Love notes & Mason jars

The heart is a very precious thing. From whence all of life springs forth with tremendous force. It never forces itself. Is not harsh or brassy, always classy. Isn't nasty or sassy. It never seeks it's own, won't leave you alone. Cause its always h💓me. That's where the heart lives. So treasure it, nurture it. … Continue reading Love notes & Mason jars

A Song for Christmas

Baby It's Cold Outside Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer And Frosty the Snowman Are the songs I used to hear Songs like White Christmas A Christmas Song And to Silent Night I'd sing along These songs aren't Popular anymore Today's verses offer A different kind of score To the hearers A new sound to their … Continue reading A Song for Christmas

Stuck in my head

Have you ever had a *song get stuck in your head From the time you got up Until you went to bed And you couldn't get rid of it So instead You looked up the music Tried, and found the song Played it, then repeated it Then started to hum along You try to recall … Continue reading Stuck in my head

Just Sing it off

I've gotten into the habit of singing when I'm in panic mode, frustrated or just plain impatient. It's working so far. I don't sigh, roll my eyes or grumble, mumble under my breath or complain. I just start singing. And before I know it The pressure has passed It doesn't take very much Just a … Continue reading Just Sing it off

Center Stage

A great singer can move you with the simplest of songs. It's not so much the lyrics as it is the passion that emits from the heart of the voice. Without that, it's just noise. If that's your gift, make sure to give it all you've got, don't hold back and let us see that … Continue reading Center Stage