Individually speaking

Who told you to tell me how to be There's no other cause There's only one me To dress like I do And not to look like you To be the me God created Not understated Nor overrated But sedated In favor To savor The grace To embrace The one and the only, Me dorothy’spage … Continue reading Individually speaking

Power over souls

Life does not depend on you While I’m here You ain’t the boss of me Let’s make that clear To the hearer To those waiting in the wings Ready to pounce on me Use me for other things Than what the Father intended What He had for me in mind For He has predestined me … Continue reading Power over souls


I long to be That’s all I really want Just want to be Not to be daunted By the being of others Who seem to have their be The happiness of others That I frequently see Is it too much to ask To be in my current state Is it too much a task Is … Continue reading Be