Individually speaking

Who told you to tell me how to be There's no other cause There's only one me To dress like I do And not to look like you To be the me God created Not understated Nor overrated But sedated In favor To savor The grace To embrace The one and the only, Me dorothy‚Äôspage … Continue reading Individually speaking

The Skin I’m in

I'm lovin' the skin I'm in! I'm loving the skin I'm in The ups and down again The pretty the ugly The comely and such Oh how I love my body My hands and toes so much They get me where I'm going And for that I am grateful I used to abhor them Even … Continue reading The Skin I’m in

I’ve Met My Seinfeld

I think I'm in love with myself! You know, like Jerry Seinfeld? The female Jerry; Jeannie The girlfriend like himself I remember that episode She was Jerry in reverse He fell in love with himself Only she was a girl They had so much in common They even used the same words They'd respond simultaneously … Continue reading I’ve Met My Seinfeld