Nah, I’m good

Mom: are you going with us to the family breakfast this morning me: in my thoughts I don't wanna go where I'm not wanted Be uncomfortable, not free - daunted By judging eyes Lips laced with lies By ones who despise My wandering lines Who envy me so And this I do know For their … Continue reading Nah, I’m good

In His Image

Have you ever read in scripture where God made statements of low self esteem? Or spoke negatively over himself? Yeah, me either. So, How you gon' have low self steem When you're created in his image You better check the mirror And correct your visage and say what he says about you and walk in … Continue reading In His Image

Bring it

Have you ever conquered a fear or overcame a weakness only to have the voice of doubt whisper, "It won't last."? Yeah, me too. So when the peanut gallery of my mind began to speak, I decided, with all of my might, not this time devil. I said, "Okay, you wanna dance? Cause I know … Continue reading Bring it

The Skin I’m in

I'm lovin' the skin I'm in! I'm loving the skin I'm in The ups and down again The pretty the ugly The comely and such Oh how I love my body My hands and toes so much They get me where I'm going And for that I am grateful I used to abhor them Even … Continue reading The Skin I’m in