Soulishly speaking

At times I surmise That I am a soul with eyes That spy the world around me has found me Absorbing every single entity into me The inner me, They enter me And it appears that over time Seeping into my Identity Creating soul ties That utilize My mind, will and emotions the notion That … Continue reading Soulishly speaking

Seeing me

I'm enjoying How he's directing me New heart Start Hysterectomy Of my Neglectity My inability to see What he has placed in me Now I see The me that I can be You see? dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Pink and Blue

I think i'mma dudette With dude-like tendencies Skew male if you prefer When referring to me I mean I cry at the right times Watching movies and at weddings Reading a greeting card Kid videos and when shedding The skin from onions Or whenever they're peeled But dress like Simone Cowell Only with it I … Continue reading Pink and Blue