Here’s your badge You’ve paid the fee To join club “Something’s wrong with me” Whosever will Let him come The door’s wide open For not a few by some With special issues Challenges and the like If there’s nothing wrong Then take a hike Be phony like the rest Ignore the real deal Deep down … Continue reading Salvation


The first is now last The last has become first The head is now the tail The tail is now reversed To the position Of head So instead Of taking the back seat Always bringing up the rear Now you're in first place It's how you got here That really matters For God made it … Continue reading Crossed

I Got You

People wanna be whole They wanna be set free They just want to know, "Are you still here with me Do you still got my back Can you cover my front too Will you still stand beside me When satan cuts loose And all of Hell is Coming against me Will you be there for … Continue reading I Got You

The Press

If I'm with you when it's cool And not with you when it's hot What kinda friend am I When courage I have not To shield you To stand in the gap To intercede for you As a matter of fact My love is proven As I'm with you in life's heat Good times are … Continue reading The Press

Saving Smollett

Look at him, He's just a child Only been a man For a little while He needs knees Interceding for his win For the renewal of his mind Making him whole again Let's keep him Truly lifted in prayer Not allowing the enemy To leave him in despair #savingsmollett dorothy's page © 2019 Dorothy E. … Continue reading Saving Smollett