Rehearsed verse

Sometimes I think this poetry, Using 2 and 3 syllable words, Seems so incredibly elementary And even a little absurd And maybe an insult To the readers intellect Too small in its message So easy to direct Attention to the end Of the lines rhythm Even a little predictable In its scheme at times And … Continue reading Rehearsed verse

An ordinary day

Have you ever had one of them days That everything is a phrase I mean everything rhymes Has a beat and a chime To it You have to put lines to it Yeah, me too For this is one such a day Everything I hear, I can make it say Something in the form of … Continue reading An ordinary day

Poetic grace

I've learned to appreciate The Lessons that you bring The melody, the writings That sing To me in the early morning hours Without limit, like rain showers For they send me a message That you're still with me still That you'll always be here Working through me your will So keep sending me these rhymes … Continue reading Poetic grace

Dancin’ pages

Rhymin' to His timin', I ain't skippin' a beat. He's runnin' this show, it ain't me It is He who's remindin' this That it's He who's timin' it is Time after time chimin' is Looking for wordin' and findin' His Way around these pages Droppin' wisdom like sages Doin' exactly what He say it is … Continue reading Dancin’ pages

Dancing beats

I can write without rhyming Word it - without beats or timing But when I try to write normal Out of sync - somewhat informal Then without a doubt This is how it comes out But, I'll keep writing till you know That what He says, it is so Does that make any sense How … Continue reading Dancing beats