On Second Thought

Image courtesy of Pexels.com If I wasn't your first thought   Don't even make me the last Don't give me a second thought  Attempting to live out some past  • Fantasy of old Days gone by if you will  Hoping to get your kicks in Hoping to get some kinda thrill • For the moment  … Continue reading On Second Thought

My Love

I love when he doesn't say the rehearsed thing the verse that he knows But the first thing Image courtesy of Pexels.com from his heart strings that pull me toward him Lean me fore warned them Words of sweetness Poetically weakness Drawing me near To my dear My love So clear Leaving me weak in … Continue reading My Love

Choose Life

Everyday I go to bed dressed for death Sleeping in my grave clothes Expecting less Than to be raptured, Over night captured By the son of God No it ain't hard To start Living for God To retard that sinful heart And restart your heart anew But you must choose To 🌾 Thank you for … Continue reading Choose Life

America the Beautiful

I love this country we call the United States of America. I have had the privilege of attending schools that reminded me of my status as a citizen of this nation. In high school I was a Southwest Patriot and in college a Georgia College Colonial. I even cry at the sound of the National … Continue reading America the Beautiful

Living faithfully

Once you start living by faith It's hard to turn back Looking at and using senses Calculating and deducing facts And trying to figure out Life & things on your own Can get quite discouraging Especially when you've known And seen what believing can do How it's anchored your mind And helped you make it … Continue reading Living faithfully