The Press

If I'm with you when it's cool And not with you when it's hot What kinda friend am I When courage I have not To shield you To stand in the gap To intercede for you As a matter of fact My love is proven As I'm with you in life's heat Good times are … Continue reading The Press

Saving Smollett

Look at him, He's just a child Only been a man For a little while He needs knees Interceding for his win For the renewal of his mind Making him whole again Let's keep him Truly lifted in prayer Not allowing the enemy To leave him in despair #savingsmollett dorothy's page © 2019 Dorothy E. … Continue reading Saving Smollett

His shoulders

Did you know that God Was jealous over you wants to be your number one, Your first go-to For wisdom, provision Conversation And such He wants to be your hero When you're facing life's hurt, Challenges and whenever Trouble hits He wants to be the shoulder Leaned on when things aren't lit In your favor … Continue reading His shoulders

You talk, I’ll write

As long as You're talking to me I'm as happy as can be Just keep these lines coming Keep setting people free From bandage Heartache and life's woes Keep feeding us with Love Your essence, your flow Of wisdom, knowledge And the sort Keep us safe, sustained Don't let us abort Our purpose Our call … Continue reading You talk, I’ll write

My prayer

Now that you're awake Let's get woke And don't choke On this world's Brokenness Come through With your wokeness No joke this World's scarier Than an unwashed Terrier Dog eat dog Out there, Beware 🌾 Thank you for reading and following dorothy's page dorothy's page © 2019 Dorothy E. Young