Enter into His courts

Praise him with sounding cymbals Psalms one fifty and five With HIGH cymbals really That'll bring it alive Let rejoicing be heard Praise him in the sanctuary Using more than mere words To give him thanks You can dance before him too Go 'head get your praise on He enjoys that too dorothy’s page © … Continue reading Enter into His courts

Creations’ praise

You didn't make you And I didn't make myself Our creator shaped us Made us from the wealth Of this earth and This atmospheres' elements The jewels of the stars With fragrance and scents This aroma we return When we give him praise As his prized creation Should give Him all of its days dorothy's … Continue reading Creations’ praise


This was written some time ago. I hope you like it. Anyway Forget about the world around you And the anxiety it brings It’s only for a little while Just a temporary thing When all seems like doom And hope is nowhere to be found I’ll remember your goodness From time past that kept me … Continue reading Anyway