The me in you

Although I have The right to I fight through I still choose To write to The me in you That true piece Not so new lease On life as one Just begun To run This race At human pace We relate As we relay To display The grace given How we livin' As one dorothy’spage … Continue reading The me in you

Traffic jams

Riding on the highway sitting in a traffic jam My mind drifting Somewhere in la la land Looking to my left see a man steering with one hand I wonder what he's listening to His favorie station, or jam dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

This house

I saw this house Some distance from the street It wasn't that spectacular But it was kinda neat To peek at from my window To get a glance as I drove by I just wondered who lived there And how they lived their lives I wonder who lives in this house are they happy, are … Continue reading This house

You May have noticed

that I've depleted my archives I'm out of old rhymes Out of life's past problems Onto life's new time Of glory Celebrating new chances God has given me new vision Except only they're glances Into my future What has yet to be revealed Things that have healed me My present cannot repeal For what God's … Continue reading You May have noticed

Redefined lines

Come unto me as children that's what he said humble yourselves before me that's what I read In His word It's not absurd To refer To our creator as Father For He disciplines us He's the best teacher Ever seeking, teaching us Refine us like new wine Everytime I wish to redefine My lines He … Continue reading Redefined lines