From Seedling to Tree

We are who we were, are and yet to be For we have always been, is being and forever will be We're a seed planted; to sprout here from birth Sent to grow, mature and flourish in the earth Until we complete our task here in life No deterrent shall stop or hinder through strife … Continue reading From Seedling to Tree


The loneliest alone Is when you're together You can't tell whose with you And you can't tell whether Others think you're crazy Or belong in a looney bin Never know what's planned You never know when They'll show their true colors how they really feel inside If they're really rooting for you Or just waiting … Continue reading Friendless

Feeling the Vibes

Do I feed off of you or do you feed from me I mean personality wise, How am I supposed to be With some folks I'm serious With others I can be mello I'm one way with my girls And another with my fellow It depends I suppose What energy you bring In which case … Continue reading Feeling the Vibes

His Favor

Nothing beats the favor of a God on your life! Absolutely nothing. What you lack in resources, allies or smarts God's favor makes up the difference. I would love for his people to experience the peace that comes with His favor. Pass the peace For my peeps to peep Prepare the props The place if … Continue reading His Favor

What is Love?

This is an age old question that I happen to have an age old answer to. Simply this, Love. I think we make things too complicated. It's not hard. I'll think of you, and you think of me. There you go. Do you wanna know what is Love? Love is patient Love is also kind … Continue reading What is Love?