Snakes too

Ready to bite at a Moments notice Salivating at the chance To get to go this Far in the game By stealing their trust, For that is the key For that is a must Have if he's to Succeed For it starts the process Trust starts the bleed from the puncture He's inflicted with his … Continue reading Snakes too

The red I

Our human heart is God's in reverse We're the opposite In giving, we're the worst We're selfish in our nature Thinking only of our own survival First I think of me Then you, if it isn't while I'm Trying to get my needs met If I have to neglect you I will do it As … Continue reading The red I

In your eyes

When I see a person with a form of handicap I turn their minus Into a plus Ignore their deficits Make their positives a must See them For who they are Make light their scars That start Your first impression Let this Be the lesson We're all blessings In disguise So in this be wise … Continue reading In your eyes

Peopling people

I've seen tweets from those who don't like "peopling" And I can feel their blues But don't they understand That they're people who Are also people That others put up with Ones we all have to Listen to come up with Your disdain For the humane That you deem a stain On your brain Too … Continue reading Peopling people

From Seedling to Tree

We are who we were, are and yet to be For we have always been, is being and forever will be We're a seed planted; to sprout here from birth Sent to grow, mature and flourish in the earth Until we complete our task here in life No deterrent shall stop or hinder through strife … Continue reading From Seedling to Tree