Speaking Foodishly

Food. I love it. For those of us who are lovers of food, we are a different breed altogether. For to us, food is more than sheer nourishment for the body - it is love expressed from the heart of the preparer. We consume it. The Love. The hate. The madness. Whatever the mood of … Continue reading Speaking Foodishly

In Between World

There are so many facets to humans "being". The many layers of existing makes for a complex life at times. The physical place where we dwell is the easy part of who we are on this planet, in this galaxy, this world, this universe. There is no "in between" here in this realm. Either you're … Continue reading In Between World

Fuel for the Soul

Every part of who we are as human beings has to be nourished, equally on a daily basis. If any part of our body, soul or spirit is neglected, the other two thirds will feel the deprivation and crave attention. Feed your spirit first, cultivate your soul and nourish your body. For what you feed … Continue reading Fuel for the Soul