To see His face

As I await the morning sun Well before the day's begun I look unto the Father's son To help guide me once upon The dawning of this day To show me his way This, and every day So that I might stay In His good grace es, as our race is Not in vain For … Continue reading To see His face


One day, maybe someday *I'd like it to be today* That I'll have my way and then Stay Away from the states Of confusion and such As cause much ado And stuff Yeah, to stay drama free, That's the life for me 🌾 Thank you for reading and following dorothy's page dorothy's page © 2018 … Continue reading Paradise

Musically Speaking; Musical Telepathy

Did I mention that I love music? I mean I really love music. I listen to music when I wake up, when I go to bed, when I'm asleep, while I'm eating, watching television, while I'm driving, putting on makeup, taking off makeup, while I'm cooking. I think you get the picture. I love music. … Continue reading Musically Speaking; Musical Telepathy