Remembering 9/11

The day started as normal. A blue a sky as I have ever seen. Little did we know, or could even imagine, this day would ever ring. As a day that changed the skies. The day we all stopped flying. The skies changed that day. It changed the way, We looked at a skyscraper, crowded … Continue reading Remembering 9/11

You Are Enough

I was thinking about this armless and legless man I saw some time ago on television. I thought it cruel of the creator to omit such necessary appendages from this man's body. From birth to present age, this man has never known the use of a limb. And we only have four. "Can a deformed … Continue reading You Are Enough

I Wonder . . .

I wonder where my life will be In two thousand and twenty-three Where do I see myself 5 years from now Where will my life be and how Will I earn a living Spend my life giving A life of service to others By myself or with another Who knows how my life Will look … Continue reading I Wonder . . .

It’s All About Me

I love me and only me. All that I do is for me and me alone. Should you benefit from any of my actions, know that it was purely by accident. For what I do for you, is for my pleasure. I regard no one or no thing if it does not serve me or … Continue reading It’s All About Me

Honestly Speaking

I've never been wanted. Even when I was invited to come in. At first, I'm welcomed with open arms. Everyone wants to receive me and all that I have to offer. Then, it's too much to handle. I become too much. Always too much. Pretty soon everyone starts to avoid me. Ignore my presence in … Continue reading Honestly Speaking