Days’ reflection

At the end of my day I like to take inventory Recall what I did or said Recall if I told a story Misguided a youth Misled with untruths Gave a negative glance Without giving a chance To be kind But now I unwind Rewind To remind myself That giving is essential And loving others … Continue reading Days’ reflection

I Forgot to Worry

I've been going through some things lately and couldn't seem to pull myself up out of this funk! But I noticed this morning that I couldn't for the life of me remember the things(s) I've been grappling with! I don't even remember what was keeping me up late at night! How can this be?! Then … Continue reading I Forgot to Worry

Have I Gone Mad?!

I ain't crazy. Although sometimes I think I am. Something's wrong with that statement. How can the same mind that says, "I ain't crazy" turn around with the same mind, and in the same breath question said sanity? What if you question your sanity Does that make you sane Cause how can you question If … Continue reading Have I Gone Mad?!

Pondering Wondering

I was wondering what should I write today Should I write something fresh or just cut and paste Some writing or poem From the past Or should I mull over my day And just write something fast I don't know They both sound like cheating Especially while I'm writing And I'd rather be eating A … Continue reading Pondering Wondering

The Art of Mastering Me

Yesterday I wrote about the four personality types I've observed over my life time in my blog post *The Art of People; Well, 4 Types of People. In it I break down the various personality types and where I fit. (You might want to see where you for as well) Anyway, because I am a … Continue reading The Art of Mastering Me