Quit Quitting

"Where are you working this month? Are you still on that same job?" were some of the usual comments from family and associates. I've gotta quit quitting! Nothing has ever felt right. Well, there is this one thing I'd like to do. I have yet to quit it. I think it's apart of who I … Continue reading Quit Quitting

Healthy Speaking

Words are powerful! What you speak can change the trajectory of your life. It's true! Science can attest to it. Go 'head, Google it. If you can speak yourself into a bad mood, a piece of chocolate cake, convince yourself you have to have those shoes, you can speak yourself whole. I not only think … Continue reading Healthy Speaking

Checking In to Check Out

One time, I thought I had some type of anxiety disorder. Always living in tomorrow, unable to focus in the present. I was paranoid at the sight of people having conversations around me. We're they talking about me? We're they planning my demise? All kinds of strange things going on in my thought life. For … Continue reading Checking In to Check Out