Pink and Blue

I think i'mma dudette With dude-like tendencies Skew male if you prefer When referring to me I mean I cry at the right times Watching movies and at weddings Reading a greeting card Kid videos and when shedding The skin from onions Or whenever they're peeled But dress like Simone Cowell Only with it I … Continue reading Pink and Blue

Ode to the men

I'm glad imma girl I wouldn't want to be a guy I don't mean it in a bad way Let me tell you why I think men are strong And most courageous too They're there when needed For the most part it's true But it's more to them I think Just what I can't figure … Continue reading Ode to the men

What’s he thinking

Sometimes, I wonder What's in the mind Of a man What's going on in that noggin What's he got planned For the rest of his days How's he gonna figure Out the optimum way To hold it all together His home and strength too Take care of his family Relationships who's Gonna cover for him … Continue reading What’s he thinking

Ode to the Men

Today is International Mens Day. Men are recognized every year on November 19th. My hats off to the men who make our worlds go round from day to day. You are appreciated, honored and most of all respected. We don't say it or show it as much as we should, but know that you are … Continue reading Ode to the Men

Why You Haven’t Found “The One”. . .yet Recently I came across this video on my Twitter feed. I almost overlooked it as I've seen so many of these types of videos that I figured I had heard it all. Well, I was wrong. Dead wrong. I thought that since I couldn't develop long term relationships that I had a fear … Continue reading Why You Haven’t Found “The One”. . .yet