Here for you

I Don't know if it is you, or him for me I'm not gonna go out on a limb to go see But I'm trusting your grace You'll finish this race To the alter For now, I'm taking my time I'll get there soon enough Then I'll unwind Take my rest And love on you … Continue reading Here for you

His hand

God prepares him for you And prepares you for him Perfectly timed timing Not just on a whim Since we came from them And not the other way around I'll let him do the proposing Put his knee on the ground Until then I'll conduct myself As if you're already here Till God draws you … Continue reading His hand

Fantasy I’m in

You my man, my boo, my sheikh The one I stand under, the one who's protectin'me You're the sugar in my coffee The sweet in my tea Good to the last drop Oh taste and see You make my liver quiver My knees buckle too Oh how I love How you do what you do … Continue reading Fantasy I’m in


When you and me are together We are like god - all one Like in the beginning Like when it first begun He pulled me out of you Drew me out from your heart Now we merge together Again, like from the start Yes, we belong together We were meant to be I in you … Continue reading Eden

Eternally Yours

At its source, Love is eternal. Infinite. How long is forever And will you love me that long Does love last forever Could anyone love that strong How do you know that it's right When it's made just for you Will there be some kinda sign Or an omen or two To confirm your hearts … Continue reading Eternally Yours