I Saw A Man

I saw a man the other day Didn't think he was coming my way I weaved a bit, I almost missed Then decided that I should stay Image courtesy of Pexels.com I saw a man the other day I wasn't sure if he'd pay He knew the cost For he's the boss Now I work … Continue reading I Saw A Man


Since the man came first I'll let him do the leadin He's gotta love like Christ From a cross he'd be bleedin For me Take me by the heart Leading me to worship Each day he would start Out giving God thanks For new mercy that's given Adoring God's creation New life we'd be livin … Continue reading Adam

Checkmate Dating

Rejection can be viewed as either protection or redirection. Pick one, and you’re probably right. Unrequited love. Who needs it? Dating can be such a chore at times. You have to weave through incidents and accidents of the getting to know them phase. Then later, after you’ve invested valuable time and effort, they leave you. … Continue reading Checkmate Dating