Waves of emotions

You've found a place in my heart that I just can't seem to part Ways that leave Waves Of emotions Flourishing Half way nourishing My soul A toll On my heart I can't start To retard this Guard It's too hard Can't disregard The part Of my heart That you started To dwell, Within dorothy’spage … Continue reading Waves of emotions


A life without God Is a life without Love For his is agape Which comes from above Yeah, the love of friends is great And from a lover too But there's no comparing Unconditionally true Agape, God type love That comes from God alone His Love is everlasting And stays when others' gone 🌾 Thank … Continue reading Loveless

The Key

How'd you get in there Did I give you the key To my heart I mean Did you get it from me Who gave you permission To make yourself at home In my heart I mean Where you freely roam Day in and day out In my memory seek out Space for you to Race … Continue reading The Key

Here for you

I Don't know if it is you, or him for me I'm not gonna go out on a limb to go see But I'm trusting your grace You'll finish this race To the alter For now, I'm taking my time I'll get there soon enough Then I'll unwind Take my rest And love on you … Continue reading Here for you

Eternally Yours

At its source, Love is eternal. Infinite. How long is forever And will you love me that long Does love last forever Could anyone love that strong How do you know that it's right When it's made just for you Will there be some kinda sign Or an omen or two To confirm your hearts … Continue reading Eternally Yours