Tall grass

Gods' protection's in the Promotion you didn't get He saved you from destruction Of your own temperament Tall grass reaching To your knees Too much for you to handle Lord knows it ain't a breeze To fight both your inner Enemies and external ones too Let alone maintain character Integrity and stay true To yourself … Continue reading Tall grass

Excessive Living

There are many things that make life worth living in my opinion. None of which are material in nature. Sure things are nice to have. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty, they're just that - things. A little or a lot; who's to say How much is too much What it means … Continue reading Excessive Living

Catching Root

As I listened to one of my all time favorite pastors this morning, my heart was pricked because he hit on a topic I hadn't thought of when it comes to impatience. Over the years very seldom have things, jobs or sometimes people kept my interest for any significant length of time. I'd never really … Continue reading Catching Root

Eternal Love

Love doesn't care how old you are, about your biological clock or any such stuff. It gets to ya when it gets to ya. It's an eternal thing. It has no calendar, watch or clock. In fact Love comes when it comes It never gets in a hurry There is no rushing it For it … Continue reading Eternal Love

Let’s go for a Ride

As a teenager I loved to ride roller coasters! The bigger they were the better. My sister was a scaredy cat and would leave me in the que all alone. Yeah, she'd chicken out at the very last minute. They never bothered me because I could see the end. Whenever I can see the end … Continue reading Let’s go for a Ride