I don’t think I belong here I’m too young for this place Yet older than my teachers Still willing to embrace The lessons to be learned The wisdom to be gained There’s more than meets the eye There’s more to be obtained From this experience of This game of some sorts An affair to remember … Continue reading Levels

…and she lived

She was never quite sure of herself. Never really got the hang of it. Life, I mean. Often she wondered what it would be like to know self assurance. To be confident. Would she ever be like those she'd seen before? You know, the ones with the take-charge kinda attitude. Always knowing who they are, … Continue reading …and she lived

Friendly fire

Betrayal is a tool that's sometimes used Often leaving One schooled About Your enemy, nay friend Keeps you on your toes Quick on the draw Growing what you know About yourself And about God too What you're really made of Will flow out of you Pressed down shaken together And running overflowing Your bosom full … Continue reading Friendly fire

Missed Takes

Mistakes Are take aways That stay With us As we both live and learn Giving heed to lifes' wisdoms Once we've begun To see things clearly Take inventory and such Remembering what's hot And what shouldn't be touched Again Or we'll get burned You'll remember next time, The lessons' unspurned 🌾 Thank you for reading … Continue reading Missed Takes

Home makeover

I hadn't planned on it but Today I updated my site pages It's only eight months old But it feels like age Since I started this site Didn't think I'd get bites Or a nibble from folks Giving my page a gander I thought for sure Only family would meander Through my work Just to … Continue reading Home makeover