“My path:”

I share my heart and thoughts on Medium as well as wordpress occasionally and sometimes I run across writings that move me immensely. This is one of those heartwarming poetry about love, life and acceptance. Enjoy, “My path:” https://medium.com/publishous/my-path-a4dd546d1028 dorothy's page © 2018 Dorothy E. Young

Alone alone

The loneliest alone, is when there are two. Being alone alone I can see, but to be with you? That I won't do. Yeah, the loneliest alone, is when there's two. I might as well be alone and free. Yes, the loneliest alone isn't when it's just me. If I'm gonna be alone, then at … Continue reading Alone alone

You Are Enough

I was thinking about this armless and legless man I saw some time ago on television. I thought it cruel of the creator to omit such necessary appendages from this man's body. From birth to present age, this man has never known the use of a limb. And we only have four. "Can a deformed … Continue reading You Are Enough

Going Forward in Reverse

My life has been a series of starts and stops. And for the most part, it stalls. I can't seem to gain traction for the life of me! I like to think that I go backwards in forward motion. Or, going forward in reverse. A fresh start begins at the source, the root or foundation … Continue reading Going Forward in Reverse

The Aged Sage

I am more cautious when making decisions these days. I didn't used to be. In my family, I have always been known as the risk taker. The one who stepped out of the norm to explore the unknown; the different. When it comes to food, I am the foodie of all foodies. If I haven't … Continue reading The Aged Sage