Missed Takes

Mistakes Are take aways That stay With us As we both live and learn Giving heed to lifes' wisdoms Once we've begun To see things clearly Take inventory and such Remembering what's hot And what shouldn't be touched Again Or we'll get burned You'll remember next time, The lessons' unspurned 🌾 Thank you for reading … Continue reading Missed Takes

Poetic grace

I've learned to appreciate The Lessons that you bring The melody, the writings That sing To me in the early morning hours Without limit, like rain showers For they send me a message That you're still with me still That you'll always be here Working through me your will So keep sending me these rhymes … Continue reading Poetic grace

Have I Gone Mad?!

I ain't crazy. Although sometimes I think I am. Something's wrong with that statement. How can the same mind that says, "I ain't crazy" turn around with the same mind, and in the same breath question said sanity? What if you question your sanity Does that make you sane Cause how can you question If … Continue reading Have I Gone Mad?!

Almost Done; the master’s work

Math is not a strong suit of mine. I can do it, I’m just not crazy about it. I can perform math functions without even realizing it and it pleases my brain to do so that way. If math turns out to be a side note or byproduct of another action, even better. But perform … Continue reading Almost Done; the master’s work


I was thinking, as I often do, about what it means to be "alone". I mean "all one", which is where the word "alone" comes from. There are three parts to us as human beings. There's body, soul and spirit. The body relates to this physical world through touch, feeling, taste, hearing and seeing. The … Continue reading Alone