Breaking the box

Inspired by the message 'The King is Coming' from the 'The Pacemaker' series by Bishop T.D. Jakes Traditional thinking Has hindered our times Slave minded people Have handicapped lives Break those traditions And start mindsets anew Make fresh your ideas Start showing some proof That you're on the move And ready to progress Put down … Continue reading Breaking the box

Embodied Praise

I believe we, each one of us, are pieces of God contained in bodies. Born to express pieces of his creativity in the earth. However, we're Constrained by time restricted by space Reflecting his glory Revealing his face Upon this earth We came to birth To give him praise To show his worth 🌾 Thank … Continue reading Embodied Praise

Less is More

Friendless Spouseless Homeless Thoughtless Penniless Directionless If less is more, then I have more than enough Clueless, loveless Thank God I'm not tough- less has it's advantages It leaves room to add more A foundation for new beginnings To see what else's in store 🌾 Thank you for reading and following dorothy's page

Fiery tongue Lips of clay

As believers we have prayer as our go-to when natural strength is abated. When you ain't got the smarts, pray from your heart. Cause What's trouble to you May be a breeze for me What's too heavy for you May not be how I see The situation or View the circumstance It's really your perspective … Continue reading Fiery tongue Lips of clay

Make Believe

doesn't matter where you are At home or away You can make it apart Of a fantasy day in your minds playground Have fun in any room The bathroom's a studio Your recordings' due out soon Showerhead's your microphone As the acoustics resound Your agent's on the phone A new star he's found To dominate … Continue reading Make Believe