Image courtesy of Pexels I love our differences How you make me creative You sharpen my mind Help me to grow as a native • Human to my fellow man Be a better sister and friend Show love to the loveless Show peace to every man • Woman and child That I interact with daily … Continue reading Humankind

Deity’s humanity

Did you know God has feelings That He gets grieved too He even gets angry at times Just like me and you Although he's not quite like us Not human but deity He's not flesh and blood He's a spirit you see He had to create a body For his spirit to live in At … Continue reading Deity’s humanity


Our life's a big brush For God to paint with The canvas being The world's inhabitants We're all different colors His reasons unclear But since we're all together And since we're all here Let's help him paint The most beautiful image The one he intended His ultimate visage Of us loving each other As both … Continue reading Colored