This house

I saw this house Some distance from the street It wasn't that spectacular But it was kinda neat To peek at from my window To get a glance as I drove by I just wondered who lived there And how they lived their lives I wonder who lives in this house are they happy, are … Continue reading This house

Just wondering

Why is it called homeless And not houseless Although that doesn't make it Any less ouchless A house is a dwelling home is wherever you are A house's brick and mortar Home's never too far From where your heart is Which is right in your chest I think I'll call it houseless I think I … Continue reading Just wondering

Heavenly homes

Being in transition can be challenging. You're not all the way out of the old and you're not quite into the new. Especially when it comes to housing and house hunting. My idea of large, is small and quaint. But, I do like to see what He thinks. I mean if He were looking for … Continue reading Heavenly homes