Dreams escaped

Because the things your heart longs to see come to pass seem to linger - taking its own sweet time, your heart begins to lose hope. And you want to release the visions you have because crushed expectations are too painful to relive. It's easier on your heart that way. Or so you think. When … Continue reading Dreams escaped

Living faithfully

Once you start living by faith It's hard to turn back Looking at and using senses Calculating and deducing facts And trying to figure out Life & things on your own Can get quite discouraging Especially when you've known And seen what believing can do How it's anchored your mind And helped you make it … Continue reading Living faithfully

His Favor

Nothing beats the favor of a God on your life! Absolutely nothing. What you lack in resources, allies or smarts God's favor makes up the difference. I would love for his people to experience the peace that comes with His favor. Pass the peace For my peeps to peep Prepare the props The place if … Continue reading His Favor

Wait for It

I have all day. I have all of the time in the world. I pay no attention to calendars, dates or scheduled life milestones. What I do is essential to all of life's most sacred development. Without me, process would have no place in time. I am a much needed part of the process. I … Continue reading Wait for It

One, Just One

All I want is one. Just one. It seems that every other person I've encountered in my life has had at least one. Even if they had more than one, they held on to the one that they did have for a significant amount of time. But not me. Always with one in mind but … Continue reading One, Just One