we're always looking ahead always thinking about tomorrow does being in right now bring too much pain and sorrow tomorrow, oh beautiful tomorrow or will tomorrow be like today and will I want to wish it away dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young

Bluer skies

Sunshine to me Means hope Which is dope For the foolish At heart Those who start Each day with a gleam In their eyes To spy A bluer sky Where the pies Lie For the dreamers dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young


You've had me holding my breath For a very long time Thought you'd answer me by now Is it a sin or a crime To meet my hearts desire Provide deliverance and such Is that to be expected Is that considered too much To ask you to give me Show me some sorta sign Give … Continue reading Hope

I thought by now

Is anybody there I mean where they wanna be And not just the ones That we see on TV Either we're on the way Or still in the process Has anyone made it yet Is anyone out of dress Rehearsal stage I'm just spewing; Outraged At the stage I'm still in I thought that by … Continue reading I thought by now

Dreams escaped

Because the things your heart longs to see come to pass seem to linger - taking its own sweet time, your heart begins to lose hope. And you want to release the visions you have because crushed expectations are too painful to relive. It's easier on your heart that way. Or so you think. When … Continue reading Dreams escaped