The Paraklet

Without knowing you’re in trouble Or even headed for a fall You need the paraklet To show you the wall Image courtesy of That divides the two kingdoms In which we dwell For only he knows where doors are The portals that tell Us when we're aligned with heaven As the scriptures have described … Continue reading The Paraklet

The Mysteries

Say it anyway Who’s it gonna hurt Just open your mouth It knows how to work The words you need to speak The verbiage and the tone Just open your mouth You’re not alone I’ll say it for you I just need your lips and tongue Just watch me work from there I’ve only just … Continue reading The Mysteries

Spiritually praying

This is how I fight This is how I breakthrough I pray in the spirit I see what God can do For I am weak In my own intellect I can only see so far I can only collect Facts and figures Make it make sense but so far But you God can see far … Continue reading Spiritually praying

The End

;the conclusion of the matter I had to have this conversation with my piece of mind to bring peace to my mind. I don't want to run things in my life. I've made a mess of this as it is. I'm turning things over to God. He's way better at it. Life, I mean. So, … Continue reading The End


I was thinking, as I often do, about what it means to be "alone". I mean "all one", which is where the word "alone" comes from. There are three parts to us as human beings. There's body, soul and spirit. The body relates to this physical world through touch, feeling, taste, hearing and seeing. The … Continue reading Alone