Third person

Don’t listen to your third person He doesn’t know what he’s saying Have you going this way and that Just a swayin’ To the left and to the right You won’t know which way to go He’ll get you in a jam That you won’t even know If you’re coming or going Your head from … Continue reading Third person

Timelines designed to refine

Have you ever had one of those days when every post from coast to coast is reading your mind? Am I the only one who's experienced this phenomenon? I mean it feels like At times when I read some posts It almost sounds like the Holy Ghost's Been stalking my friends Looking where I been … Continue reading Timelines designed to refine

Behind the Vail

The arc of the covenant Our present day hearts Behind the Holies of Holies The Vail torn apart For the Father to Enter in To break down the stoney To relieve it of sin From within us That has tarnished our flow Enter in Holy One Take control Holy Ghost 🌾 Thank you for reading … Continue reading Behind the Vail