In His hands

Image courtesy of I've held your heart in my hands  For some time now God placed it in my care Yet hasn't shown how To keep it safe and well Free of trouble and care Blocking worrisome fear From deep inside there Must be a way to stop it That pain can leave a … Continue reading In His hands


You captured my heart Right from the start You were drawn to me I could see That we Had known each other In another life; Less strife Than what we've known In the past Me and you will last Chance meeting online This time, I'm yours I'm hooked dorothy’s page © 2019 D. E. Young

The red I

Our human heart is God's in reverse We're the opposite In giving, we're the worst We're selfish in our nature Thinking only of our own survival First I think of me Then you, if it isn't while I'm Trying to get my needs met If I have to neglect you I will do it As … Continue reading The red I

Free to be

Have you ever resigned someone from your mind? I mean let them go so that you could move on? You're not angry or anything. You just wanna say, "Hey, I want what's best for you Even if it isn't me Whatever makes you happy, Safe and totally free You deserve said happiness And all that's … Continue reading Free to be