If someone makes me mad hurts my feelings makes me sad Immediately, I forgot it And get glad dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Heart pricks

People come People go Some will hinder Others will flow With you As you grow and learn Others will teach you Through lessons burned Into your brain Set to be with you for life Moments you dare not forget Ones that made you think twice About decisions Choices both easy and hard Trusting only your … Continue reading Heart pricks

My Oz

You make my heart lite You make my heart sing Making everything beautiful Daily sunshine you bring To my morning And to my evening too All things become lovely Cause I see them through you Have vision and insight Like I've never known before You see the future clearly I want to own it and … Continue reading My Oz

Eternally Gifted

Just like Sampson and his strength There are strengths we're all born with These gifts and callings* Cannot be taken Whether we abuse or misuse They will never be shaken Only stirred** And made better They are perfectly perfect Whether We use them for Good or toward evil sin For the gift is not corrupt … Continue reading Eternally Gifted

Love notes & Mason jars

The heart is a very precious thing. From whence all of life springs forth with tremendous force. It never forces itself. Is not harsh or brassy, always classy. Isn't nasty or sassy. It never seeks it's own, won't leave you alone. Cause its always h💓me. That's where the heart lives. So treasure it, nurture it. … Continue reading Love notes & Mason jars