Amazing Grace

Image courtesy of God's ways are not like oursWhere we see rain the Father sees showers Of blessings for usHis provisions are a must To take us to the next levelWhere no beast or any devil Can harass or attack usMake fools of or bring lack to us We thrive in his presenceMake strides … Continue reading Amazing Grace


I give up, you win I surrender to your will I let go, you win Cause if I don’t you're still Gonna have the last say Have the last word Even if I throw a tantrum It’s as if you haven’t heard My petitions, my requests Or my usual complaint My tears don’t even move … Continue reading Grace

The Press

If I'm with you when it's cool And not with you when it's hot What kinda friend am I When courage I have not To shield you To stand in the gap To intercede for you As a matter of fact My love is proven As I'm with you in life's heat Good times are … Continue reading The Press

Effortless Grace

What's in your heart Is how you choose To maintain integrity So you don't lose What God's grace Affords us to stay In his righteousness And not our own good works Thinking we can sustain Our own value and worth Less are efforts To cleanse our own hearts How can dirt clear dust Of it's … Continue reading Effortless Grace

Promiscuous grace

Inspired by the message 'The King is Coming' from the 'The Pacemaker' series and as quoted by Bishop T.D. Jakes God the Father Has promiscuous grace That spreads to mankind No matter their race Ethnicity, heritage Or even their background Your pedigree or lack of Or if you've played around Been around the block Or … Continue reading Promiscuous grace