Show me

It's twenty days in And I still haven't seen What God has in store For me in 2019 When will he show me When will I see What he's been up to What he's planning for me I sure wish he'd show me At least give a hint Of what's around the corner What my … Continue reading Show me

Going Forward in Reverse

My life has been a series of starts and stops. And for the most part, it stalls. I can't seem to gain traction for the life of me! I like to think that I go backwards in forward motion. Or, going forward in reverse. A fresh start begins at the source, the root or foundation … Continue reading Going Forward in Reverse

I Wonder . . .

I wonder where my life will be In two thousand and twenty-three Where do I see myself 5 years from now Where will my life be and how Will I earn a living Spend my life giving A life of service to others By myself or with another Who knows how my life Will look … Continue reading I Wonder . . .