The Friendless Perspective

I've had this all wrong! God's been showing me love Regarding friendships* I mean Or the lack* thereof* You see, They were target practice To ready me for life's fight Gettin me ready to deliver And to hand haters' their plight He used them to build muscles Help me see through their fakeness To give … Continue reading The Friendless Perspective

Break point

I don't like playing games Can't stand the competition Going one against the other Doesn't quite fit in with My idea of fun Or having a good time I'd much rather have comrades Keep gaming second mind I like the friendship that's formed while playing on the c🎾urt Forget the letting, the netting And all … Continue reading Break point

Friendless pt. 2

I haven't had a true *friend since I was a child It was in seventh grade the last time I smiled I'm not quite sure why this is the case Am I too naive, too gullible to easy to place my trust in others Or just hungry for love Do I need the attention Am … Continue reading Friendless pt. 2

Feeling the Vibes

Do I feed off of you or do you feed from me I mean personality wise, How am I supposed to be With some folks I'm serious With others I can be mello I'm one way with my girls And another with my fellow It depends I suppose What energy you bring In which case … Continue reading Feeling the Vibes

The Element Represents the True

I always say that the element represents the true. Sometimes - not always, just sometimes - I can walk into a place and read it like a book. The people in the room need not tell me anything about the homeowner or guest of honor. I can take a look at either the theme of … Continue reading The Element Represents the True