Friendly fire

Betrayal is a tool that's sometimes used Often leaving One schooled About Your enemy, nay friend Keeps you on your toes Quick on the draw Growing what you know About yourself And about God too What you're really made of Will flow out of you Pressed down shaken together And running overflowing Your bosom full … Continue reading Friendly fire

Friendless; The final episode

I'm tired of being alone Without having a true friend But it seems to be the norm It seems to be the trend For me every time But really I don't mind Cause I'd rather be *friendless If that's His will for me now I'm sure he'll make it up to me Someway, one day, … Continue reading Friendless; The final episode


The loneliest alone Is when you're together You can't tell whose with you And you can't tell whether Others think you're crazy Or belong in a looney bin Never know what's planned You never know when They'll show their true colors how they really feel inside If they're really rooting for you Or just waiting … Continue reading Friendless

Accepted in the Beloved

Everyone wants to be accepted. In school, at work or among friends. We were built to be communal beings. Remember, "'s not good that man should be alone." It's in our Genesis - our beginning. I used to want to be accepted Where I was excluded from Now, when I'm around this group I feel … Continue reading Accepted in the Beloved