Hesitant Hello

Image courtesy of Pexels Invited but not welcomed Hugged but not embraced These are the situations That daily I come face • to face with those who pretend To support and be my friend When all of the while Greeting me with fake smiles • After miles and miles Of traveling with these folks It … Continue reading Hesitant Hello


A frieneny is a friend of me For he brings out the worth For the best of me Revealing unknown strengths Things unbeknownst to me Never before seen footage Of what's really in me So thank you to my haters For you've made me who I am today For had I not encountered you It … Continue reading Friendish

Questioning questions

A curse or a blessing Which one are you Did you come bearing gifts Or did you come to use Me or even others You come in contact with Are you here to bring joy Or just dis-contentment Are you come To bring new life Bring deliverance Brew strife Tell me what's your motive Your … Continue reading Questioning questions

The Friendless Perspective

I've had this all wrong! God's been showing me love Regarding friendships* I mean Or the lack* thereof* You see, They were target practice To ready me for life's fight Gettin me ready to deliver And to hand haters' their plight He used them to build muscles Help me see through their fakeness To give … Continue reading The Friendless Perspective

Status of the heart

Have I been demoted from Girlfriend to friend If so how did that happen I'd like to know when Did my status change And become less not more I thought I'd won you over Although I wasn't keeping score My heart is breaking Aching Cause I'm shaken Up now my heart Let's make a fresh … Continue reading Status of the heart