If someone makes me mad hurts my feelings makes me sad Immediately, I forgot it And get glad dorothy’spage © 2019 D. E. Young

Release it

Don't get mad And don't try to get even Don't try and keep score Or try to find a reason To hold on to a grudge An unforgiven in your heart To do so isn't wise And anyway that's God's part Of the deal For only he can heal What others have taken away Those … Continue reading Release it

Understanding understood

I don't wanna be right I'd rather be with you I don't want to argue, Fight or confuse Talking with communication Cause sometimes it's not done Arguing solves nothing No fight has ever won The heart of the revelers Given insight or truth In order to build trust I must first understand you For it's … Continue reading Understanding understood

Forget About It

I easily forget the unpleasant things in life. The wrong or injustice I've encountered, I choose to not remember it. I'm used to being ignored by those who refuse to embrace me. I enjoy the freedom that accompanies me. I am easy on the health of those that cheer for my presence. I can't help … Continue reading Forget About It