Lazy cakes

I can't eat pancakes, bacon Eggs and sausage during the week It makes me lethargic Makes me want to sleep In and not Go to work Lounge on the couch In my pjs and search For something good On TV So instead I'll just eat A banana 🍌 Thank you for reading and following dorothy's … Continue reading Lazy cakes

Burger etiquette

Did you know you should Eat a burger upside down I know I didn't know it But today I found out That when you turn it Right side down instead of up All the juices trickle to the top Or, on the bottom, reversed I needed this Cause I'mma messy sandwich eater My middle falls … Continue reading Burger etiquette

It’s breakfast-y, right?

I can eat cake for breakfast Is it weird that I can do that Or do you wish that you had Thought of it first Instead of rehears ing what I'd bring A slice would be nice Maybe once or twice A week for I can repeat, or Have a nice slice of pie I … Continue reading It’s breakfast-y, right?

The Wonder of Fruit

Papaya, bananas, mangos, Blueberries, all kinds of fruit Your words have spoken them to earth for us to use them peaches and oranges and grapefruit with pulp With juices that flow Whenever they're crushed or squeezed just so sweet nector to the taste. Delectable and delicious Not one drop to waste You've made all of … Continue reading The Wonder of Fruit

Just wishing

I wish I had a burger You know, the gourmet kind With blue cheese crumbles, bacon jam and a side of fries A nice cold root beer I like caffeine free drinks There really aren't that many besides Coca cola I think I'd top it off with dessert A brownie or slice of pie Boy … Continue reading Just wishing