Two becomes One

I believe the man finds his missing rib and the two become one again. Separated at birth, how can either recognize the other on this side? Did Adam have a birthday Or do you call it something else Since he was created And God didn't have help From a woman A cervix or anything Just … Continue reading Two becomes One

I’ve Met My Seinfeld

I think I'm in love with myself! You know, like Jerry Seinfeld? The female Jerry; Jeannie The girlfriend like himself I remember that episode She was Jerry in reverse He fell in love with himself Only she was a girl They had so much in common They even used the same words They'd respond simultaneously … Continue reading I’ve Met My Seinfeld

Checkmate Dating

Rejection can be viewed as either protection or redirection. Pick one, and you’re probably right. Unrequited love. Who needs it? Dating can be such a chore at times. You have to weave through incidents and accidents of the getting to know them phase. Then later, after you’ve invested valuable time and effort, they leave you. … Continue reading Checkmate Dating