Vessels of clay

Life Himself Has given life to me He breathed the breath of life In clay vessels, He Molded by His hands No man yet understands How he put us all Together Whether He used dust from the earth Tears from the sea Minerals from galaxies Or star particles creativity True we're made of Elements from … Continue reading Vessels of clay

To see His face

As I await the morning sun Well before the day's begun I look unto the Father's son To help guide me once upon The dawning of this day To show me his way This, and every day So that I might stay In His good grace es, as our race is Not in vain For … Continue reading To see His face


Sometimes, most times, God and I don't agree on what I should be doing. Well, more like I don't want to do what he's asking me to do. Not because I don't want to. Really! It's just that sometimes his requests are really uncomfortable. And they take a really long time to accomplish. But, Father … Continue reading Humbled

I Forgot to Worry

I've been going through some things lately and couldn't seem to pull myself up out of this funk! But I noticed this morning that I couldn't for the life of me remember the things(s) I've been grappling with! I don't even remember what was keeping me up late at night! How can this be?! Then … Continue reading I Forgot to Worry

I am His

I have come to the realization that knowing whose you are outweighs any other thing in life. Let me explain. I have, in some form or another, had a relationship with God most of my life. He and I have communicated in times past about anything from Christmas toy requests to where to live in … Continue reading I am His