Home makeover

I hadn't planned on it but Today I updated my site pages It's only eight months old But it feels like age Since I started this site Didn't think I'd get bites Or a nibble from folks Giving my page a gander I thought for sure Only family would meander Through my work Just to … Continue reading Home makeover

What’s he thinking

Sometimes, I wonder What's in the mind Of a man What's going on in that noggin What's he got planned For the rest of his days How's he gonna figure Out the optimum way To hold it all together His home and strength too Take care of his family Relationships who's Gonna cover for him … Continue reading What’s he thinking

United by Diversity

The spirit between us When we interact or play a game The feelings we have between us Is never quit the same It's as if we are communing Getting closer to each other Like you are my real sister And you're my instant brother From another mother. But yet we share the same space We … Continue reading United by Diversity

A Life for a Life

I think about the things I want and what I want to see happen for others. Then I wonder, "why can't both desires be accomplished simultaneously." They can. Because helping you helps me. A life for a life. Although, Following God is not quite what it seems, It's not about you anymore It's about what … Continue reading A Life for a Life

We Are One

I believe you and I are apart of one big family. The same creator, same blood breathing in and out the same air. So when you hurt I hurt. When you're sad I'm sad. Hurting me IS hurting you For we are all one Were hurting one another By what we have done To our … Continue reading We Are One